Monday, November 2, 2009

pumpkin pie

yum. there's nothing wrong with a little slice of pumpkin pie for breakfast right? don't be shocked.. it's not like i haven't mentioned before that i'm a little piggy. i've never had pumpkin pie before & never imagined it could be so good. so, so, good. after writing in my last post that we wouldn't be having a party this year, i couldn't help myself & at the last minute put out the call that we would have an impromptu halloween thing. after all, i had all the awesome decorations sent from vivi in new orleans to use. best of all was the huge cobweb that we stretched over the front verandah and which looked really creepy in the wind. oh yeah and i still have to take that down before the neighbours call the council. so, back to the pumpkin pie.. a friend declared it a 10 out of 10 hit. who knew that pumpkin pie was a sweet, delicious, caramel, slightly spicy version of a custard tart? the talented kingsley made the jack-o-lantern & we used his brains to make the pie. gory.


  1. absolutely nothing wrong with pumpkin pie morning, noon or night - just count it as one out of your five daily vegetable servings, i say!
    your decorations look fab, i'm digging that cobweb big-time. x

  2. that cobweb looks awesome! anne.

  3. Happened to notice the colour scheme of your house in the background. I've been trying to find that grey colour for ages but can't seem to match it (I keep coming up with greys that are greenish or purpleish!) I don't suppose you know the colour name?! Many thanks!


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