Sunday, November 22, 2009

shake it

i'm one lucky lady. i went in to the guest bedroom only to discover a little wrapped present left as a thankyou gift from kingsley for having her as our house guest recently. kingsley & i were shopping in fitzroy and after checking out the exhibition of kat mcleod's amazing drawings (or are they more collages?) at the tiny lamington drive gallery, we stopped in next door at third drawer down. kingsley decided to buy this gorgeous yellow tea towel, while i did a quick circuit  & then waited outside under a big shady tree with the little one in the pram.. which is when i'm guessing the clever kingsley sneakily purchased these awesome salt & pepper bone shakers. we've never had any salt & pepper shakers because i've never been able to find any i really like, but that's all fixed now because i love these creepy little bones!

update: i forgot to add the details of the designer.


  1. they're great - sweet kingsley! i went to third dd on thursday and bought all the staff their christmas gifts there. i was laughing and smiling the whole time, that abbey has a wicked sense of humour; a beautifully curated collection. love it. x

  2. Ohh, I saw these recently and thought they'd be perfect for our place, too - creepy and cute in equal measure! What a lovely blog you have: I shall potter around a little longer :)

  3. my latest post is all thanks to you - hope it doesn't come off as all single white female!!!
    have a super day

  4. thanks c & s! it's always fun to get a mention from a fellow blogger :) a kid i remember those wafer biscuits being a lot tastier than the cardboard flavour they are now!


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