Wednesday, November 18, 2009


all the better to eat you with! my friend russell bryant, that is, leo to his friends, is one creative powerhouse. not busy enough organising his first exhibition, he has also been busy making wolf heads. from scratch. out the back of jimmy watson's wine bar in carlton, you'll find a great little shop full of vintage treasures. the entry is off miller lane & if you're not sure, just look for the 2.5m high painted wolf silhouette. i particularly liked the simple industrial touches, cowboy boots & twiggy wall hooks. i love those little hooks. most of these photos were taken by the talented kingsley, who took a liking to the little brown handbag on the wolf in the blue dress.


  1. I like it too, KK. Looks a little like a Peter O'Connor leather satchel from Wilkins and Kent that I'm in love with. He's totally underground. Can't find an online presence except for small references on sites like Craft Vic. See:
    -- JoMc

  2. hi jo :) i forgot this would be in your backyard. anna (owner) has another shop in hawthorn called hobo, but that's another blog post. thanks for the link.. that peter o'connor handbag looks gorgeous.

  3. love the look of this place. the name rocks too!x


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