Wednesday, December 30, 2009

we're all going on a summer holiday

or not. but wouldn't i love to! i took these photos when we went down to barwon heads last month & i keep fantasizing about how great it would be to have a little shack down there some day for the occassional beach getaway. oh well, a girl can dream. one day.

Monday, December 28, 2009

desire to inspire

my oh my, my little ol' blog was included on the desire to inspire holiday reading guide. you can check it out for yourself here. it's a nice idea you know, putting together a handful of good blogs to check out each day over the holidays. if you're anything like me, ten minutes down the rabbit hole ends up in many, many, new tabs open with words and images.. mainly images.. devoured, so a fresh new list is more than welcome. anyway a big thankyou to the creative kim & jo from desire to inspire.. it seems that i've already had lots of new visitors come and have a look, which has made my week. smile.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas wrap up

ok, so long time, no post, but here i am with a quick christmas wrap up. we had a happy, relaxing christmas day & i feel really lucky to have such a special little family to have shared it with. i baked up a double batch of yo-yos on christmas eve, packaged them up in little white noodle boxes with christmas stickers from kikki-k and then walked them around to the neighbours. the tea towel is from elly oak, i can't remember where i ordered mirka's christmas stocking from last year and the embroidered reindeer ornament is from the lovely kimberly from chez sucre chez, which amazingly, arrived just in time on christmas eve.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my christmas

a few years ago now, we started our own little tradition of having a real christmas tree. the first year, we borrowed a friend's station wagon, drove down to the xmas tree farm, walked around the paddock in ridiculous summer heat, picked out our tree, had it chopped down & netted and drove it home. perfection, yes, but an hour & a half drive each way is a long way to go for a tree, so this year we trusted our local fruit shop with our tree selection & delivery and i've gotta say it's pretty good. i love how it smells like christmas when i walk in the front door. i love decorating the tree with lights & little treasures collected over the years, while i listen to some fun xmas tunes.. my favourites are from the elf soundtrack & new orleans christmas album. mind you, it doesn't take much to get me in a christmas mood.. i love christmas.. you can read more about that here on the lovely shelley's blog. thanks for asking me to join in shelley!

1. i ordered this gorgeous stamped ornament from paper boat press & it  made my day when when i hung it on the tree. even the husband was impressed. 2. i love a good, blurry photograph. 3. my 2nd favourite christmas album. 4. my absolute favourite christmas album, hands down. 5. our local happy grocer.. man, they can talk in there! 6. pretty presents ready for xmas morning.

update: the lovely lucy over at the design files is the latest to add to shelley's christmas series & the photo of her as a little girl dressed up as a christmas tree is too cute!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

i heart mockingbird

the talented kingsley has new stock in her etsy shop. her individually hand screenprinted items are so gorgeous. they are all her own designs & are even prettier in real life. perfect if you have a little one to buy a special something for. i know because gracie girl has lots of mockingbird goodies & she's the perfect little model, no? if there's anything you love, but want a different colour or size, then just ask kingsley if she can help you out.. just tell her the captain said it would be ok. well, you don't have to say that, but it would be fun for me to hear that come back to me. smile.

Friday, December 11, 2009

new treasure.. yes more.

ok how many photos of the same thing can one woman post? well, many, but you know i love a photo collage. it's a little too time consuming, but i don't seem able to stop myself. anyways, some more treasure has arrived. firstly, there's my new artwork to brighten up my desk by the lovely michele maule. if it looks familiar, it's because i posted about it back in june here and when i saw it was still for sale, once again, i couldn't stop myself. do you like my new secret diary? i felt like a 13 year old girl writing that! and even more embarrassing is that i've gone and stamped the first page with "secret blog business.. in search of the real captain kk". hmm, not sure what excuse i can hide behind there, it's not like i'm not getting a full night's sleep these days. well, whatever! i love it.. and yes, this shall be my little notebook for all my (not so) secret blog business. you might not be able to tell from the (many!) photos, but the little masked bandit on the cover is actually hand painted. it's a one-off, from ulaa's bazaar on etsy, thanks very much dahlin'. madness.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

it's monthly portrait time on the eames rocker again..

15 months old. such a happy, happy, funny, little person. i make sure i give her plenty of imagination time, which is another way of saying a little bit of healthy neglect equals precious mummy time. it seems to work because she is more than happy to amuse herself. lately that means dragging her saints scarf around with her everywhere.. and i mean everywhere. but she is happiest when we chase her around and 'catch' her for a big tickle. silliness reigns supreme. she's never been a big smoocher, but just in the last few days, if you ask her for a kiss, be careful what you wish for! after the husband asked for a kiss, mirka leaned in to give her daddy a big, wet, open mouth kiss. eewwww.. so gross, but so cute. mwah!

so here are the latest pics on the eames rocker. once again, it was near impossible to get an actual portrait photo, but who would sit still, when you could rock yourself back & forth, bang the back of the rocker in to the furniture behind you, throw maxwell overboard, again, or torture the little santas one by one??

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the cat at number 19

i had a great time at the cwc drinks on friday night at galerie montmartre.. thanks tess & shelley! if you haven't already been to the gorgeous galerie montmartre, then let me tell you it's worth a visit.. the scale of the vintage posters is awesome & the colours are so yummy and rich. in this day & age of mass production & re-production it's hard to believe they're all originals and once they're sold, that's it. i loved how the posters up on the walls seemed to have a real depth about them & it almost seems a shame to put them behind glass once they're framed. anyway, this is going somewhere i promise... a couple of years ago, the husband & i really liked this little house & even put a bid in at the auction. the house was styled to perfection (the owner was a co-ordinator of design exhibitions) and i remember really loving a framed poster of a black cat in a racing car that they had. so how amazing was it when i arrived on friday night, only to see my old friend up on display!

Friday, December 4, 2009

more treasure & a small confessional

let me start with the treasure part.. i recently bought the beautiful blue & white porcelain stud earrings (no more wearing dangly earrings that little hands can grab) from five boroughs in east brunswick. what a great shop that is, but i think i'll make that a separate post.. anyways, they have been a firm favourite for the past couple of weeks, that is, until the gorgeous black half-circle studs arrived in the mail yesterday from dani m. they are from the i won't go breaking your heart range and they're ace, yes? what about the other stuff? the bangle and necklace are by melbourne jewellery designers klei and that's my beloved rado watch from the husband a couple of christmases ago.

and now for the small confessional.. you see that beautiful bangle in the photos? the silver one with the porcelain bead that makes it sit on your wrist just so. the one, that even when worn on my big ol' wrists, makes me feel like i have the most beautiful, most delicate wrists? well, ahem, it's not actually mine. yep, hello kingsley, i've been wearing your bangle you left behind! i know i'm a bad captain and that i should have mailed it to you, but i just wore it once in to the office you see? ..and then to the wedding last weekend.. and i might as well totally spill now.. i'm pretty sure i'll wear it tonight to the cwc drinks too. eek! sorry, (not really! well, i am, but you're not surprised right??).

update: again, the husband points out that the earrings aren't the same. like i've said before husband, one can't be too matchy matchy :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

spectacular, spectacular..

on the way home to melbourne, after our big weekend away, we stopped in at a tiny town called sea lake. after a wander down the main street to 'stretch the legs', a happy little window display full of small succulents & cacti  caught my eye. the door was open. i couldn't see anyone, but i wandered in anyway, only to startle the shopkeeper who was setting up to open the next day. this 'gasteria bicolor' cactus with it's spectacular flower was only $7.50, so home it came.

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