Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the cat at number 19

i had a great time at the cwc drinks on friday night at galerie montmartre.. thanks tess & shelley! if you haven't already been to the gorgeous galerie montmartre, then let me tell you it's worth a visit.. the scale of the vintage posters is awesome & the colours are so yummy and rich. in this day & age of mass production & re-production it's hard to believe they're all originals and once they're sold, that's it. i loved how the posters up on the walls seemed to have a real depth about them & it almost seems a shame to put them behind glass once they're framed. anyway, this is going somewhere i promise... a couple of years ago, the husband & i really liked this little house & even put a bid in at the auction. the house was styled to perfection (the owner was a co-ordinator of design exhibitions) and i remember really loving a framed poster of a black cat in a racing car that they had. so how amazing was it when i arrived on friday night, only to see my old friend up on display!


  1. captain ... so much art so little money ... how are we going to afford to buy all these wonderful treasures you keep on finding? husband.

  2. ha ha i love the comment from the husband.. I think its serendipity.. and meant to be. You need that poster! YOU are the captain after all.. let the name speak hee hee (this is very familiar)

  3. ...ahem, have you thought about layby??!!!! that's a joke, sweet captain. thanks so much for your post; i think i've told you before you have expensive taste! it was great to see you on friday night. x

  4. oh, he looks just like roy, funny little fellow...

  5. hello captain!
    just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you over on my blog...
    No pressure though...play along and do the links only if you fancy it!
    Hope you're having a lovely day...

  6. Oh this is my favourite french poster.


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