Thursday, December 10, 2009

it's monthly portrait time on the eames rocker again..

15 months old. such a happy, happy, funny, little person. i make sure i give her plenty of imagination time, which is another way of saying a little bit of healthy neglect equals precious mummy time. it seems to work because she is more than happy to amuse herself. lately that means dragging her saints scarf around with her everywhere.. and i mean everywhere. but she is happiest when we chase her around and 'catch' her for a big tickle. silliness reigns supreme. she's never been a big smoocher, but just in the last few days, if you ask her for a kiss, be careful what you wish for! after the husband asked for a kiss, mirka leaned in to give her daddy a big, wet, open mouth kiss. eewwww.. so gross, but so cute. mwah!

so here are the latest pics on the eames rocker. once again, it was near impossible to get an actual portrait photo, but who would sit still, when you could rock yourself back & forth, bang the back of the rocker in to the furniture behind you, throw maxwell overboard, again, or torture the little santas one by one??


  1. a ha ha sooo cute!! when will that maxwell learn he's to stay on the ground!


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