Friday, December 4, 2009

more treasure & a small confessional

let me start with the treasure part.. i recently bought the beautiful blue & white porcelain stud earrings (no more wearing dangly earrings that little hands can grab) from five boroughs in east brunswick. what a great shop that is, but i think i'll make that a separate post.. anyways, they have been a firm favourite for the past couple of weeks, that is, until the gorgeous black half-circle studs arrived in the mail yesterday from dani m. they are from the i won't go breaking your heart range and they're ace, yes? what about the other stuff? the bangle and necklace are by melbourne jewellery designers klei and that's my beloved rado watch from the husband a couple of christmases ago.

and now for the small confessional.. you see that beautiful bangle in the photos? the silver one with the porcelain bead that makes it sit on your wrist just so. the one, that even when worn on my big ol' wrists, makes me feel like i have the most beautiful, most delicate wrists? well, ahem, it's not actually mine. yep, hello kingsley, i've been wearing your bangle you left behind! i know i'm a bad captain and that i should have mailed it to you, but i just wore it once in to the office you see? ..and then to the wedding last weekend.. and i might as well totally spill now.. i'm pretty sure i'll wear it tonight to the cwc drinks too. eek! sorry, (not really! well, i am, but you're not surprised right??).

update: again, the husband points out that the earrings aren't the same. like i've said before husband, one can't be too matchy matchy :)


  1. Ha! well i am totally shocked! he he not really!
    it is a gorgeous bangle isn't it.. i do love it so- you should totally get one!
    also i was thinking about a certain real hot bitches hot pink hoody i once had..... hmm i wonder wonder wonder... where could it possibly be?

  2. uh oh! yep, i have it! but i promise i haven't worn it.. yet :)


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