Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my christmas

a few years ago now, we started our own little tradition of having a real christmas tree. the first year, we borrowed a friend's station wagon, drove down to the xmas tree farm, walked around the paddock in ridiculous summer heat, picked out our tree, had it chopped down & netted and drove it home. perfection, yes, but an hour & a half drive each way is a long way to go for a tree, so this year we trusted our local fruit shop with our tree selection & delivery and i've gotta say it's pretty good. i love how it smells like christmas when i walk in the front door. i love decorating the tree with lights & little treasures collected over the years, while i listen to some fun xmas tunes.. my favourites are from the elf soundtrack & new orleans christmas album. mind you, it doesn't take much to get me in a christmas mood.. i love christmas.. you can read more about that here on the lovely shelley's blog. thanks for asking me to join in shelley!

1. i ordered this gorgeous stamped ornament from paper boat press & it  made my day when when i hung it on the tree. even the husband was impressed. 2. i love a good, blurry photograph. 3. my 2nd favourite christmas album. 4. my absolute favourite christmas album, hands down. 5. our local happy grocer.. man, they can talk in there! 6. pretty presents ready for xmas morning.

update: the lovely lucy over at the design files is the latest to add to shelley's christmas series & the photo of her as a little girl dressed up as a christmas tree is too cute!


  1. i heart captain. husband.

  2. It's starting to get a little freaky! I too have a little piece from Paper Boat Press, but it is a quote from Goethe and it hangs from the window in our kitchen...

  3. you're welcome, you stylish, mysterious woman, you!!! happy christmas!

  4. oh i can't tell you how much i want some personalised stars for my boys after seeing mirkas!! next year, next year. you have a wonderful feel for christmas - enjoy! looking forward to sharing a cheeky xmas drink with you weds x lulu

  5. merry christmas captain!
    loving your blog-inspirational!


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