Friday, December 11, 2009

new treasure.. yes more.

ok how many photos of the same thing can one woman post? well, many, but you know i love a photo collage. it's a little too time consuming, but i don't seem able to stop myself. anyways, some more treasure has arrived. firstly, there's my new artwork to brighten up my desk by the lovely michele maule. if it looks familiar, it's because i posted about it back in june here and when i saw it was still for sale, once again, i couldn't stop myself. do you like my new secret diary? i felt like a 13 year old girl writing that! and even more embarrassing is that i've gone and stamped the first page with "secret blog business.. in search of the real captain kk". hmm, not sure what excuse i can hide behind there, it's not like i'm not getting a full night's sleep these days. well, whatever! i love it.. and yes, this shall be my little notebook for all my (not so) secret blog business. you might not be able to tell from the (many!) photos, but the little masked bandit on the cover is actually hand painted. it's a one-off, from ulaa's bazaar on etsy, thanks very much dahlin'. madness.


  1. Hello Captain KK. I love the hand painted diary. I went and had a little peep at ulaa's bazaar and found a lovely little 'J'aime' notebook. Xmas present to/from me maybe! Julie. PS, Love your blog :)

  2. I WANT one. Make that NEED one...a secret diary that is!

  3. Very, very sweet little diary. Love.


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