Wednesday, December 2, 2009

spectacular, spectacular..

on the way home to melbourne, after our big weekend away, we stopped in at a tiny town called sea lake. after a wander down the main street to 'stretch the legs', a happy little window display full of small succulents & cacti  caught my eye. the door was open. i couldn't see anyone, but i wandered in anyway, only to startle the shopkeeper who was setting up to open the next day. this 'gasteria bicolor' cactus with it's spectacular flower was only $7.50, so home it came.


  1. Snap! We have the same plant in our front garden....

  2. gorgeous! I haven't killed anything for a while now -2 herbs, 1 antique climbing rose, an orchid, a huge indoor peace lily and 1 camellia (out of an original 9!) are alive, so I'm thinking of trying a few more... jacq


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