Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 best of picks

well. where to start? i'm feeling a bit like an escaped criminal (in a good way!) this morning. the husband is back at work & the little one is at childcare, so here i am, all alone and feeling buzzed. following on from my last post, i thought i'd do a best-of-2009 round up. it was quite hard to choose between the most-viewed and the most-commented-on, so this is a bit of both...

1. pattern + shadow  2. zig-zag temptation.. yes, another one  3. mark demsteader  4. happy, happy day  5. night hostage  6. my place & yours series: my collection 7. bedside  8. blog hq  & 9. through the front door... and for a laugh: 10. so on to it.

2009 marks my first year as a new blogger & i have to say it was quite fun to go back over my 173 posts  (did i really have that much to share??) and choose these ones.. i hope you like them too. happy.


  1. congratulations captain. i love love love reading your blog ... look forward to many more in 2010. husband.

  2. My fave would have to be the first, I love these blocks and have blogged about them before but had no idea they were still being produced until I read your blog, so big THANKS to you! (Now I just have to build another house so I can use them :))

  3. thanks for a great year, captain, looking forward to reading your posts in 2010!

  4. having only discovered your beautiful blog towards the end of 2009, i have to say i'm awfully excited about what 2010 will bring...your blog is an absolute treat! thanks for all the wonderful things you share...

  5. yay for KK! i am also loving your blog and am enjoying to get to know you a little better through it - it is kind of a one way street there in blog land, though i think i make it up for it verbally when we catch up! ;)
    and yes to breeze blocks - they are fabulous but shame on those who have painted over them!! i saw lots of cool examples of them up at surfers paradise recently, but fear they are being left to rack and ruin.
    blog on archi buddy xx lulu


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