Tuesday, January 19, 2010

desktop treats

ok so i've been a little slack in the blogging, but never mind that because look at these desktop treats i have to share. first up, you too can have an awesome flip clock screensaver from here, as first seen here. and why is that whenever i order something online, it's always the husband who seems to collect our post, only to bring it home and say "captain! what have you ordered this time??" when he walks in the door? anyways, methinks my new iphone stand from via alley rocks. every now & then i order something from via alley & it's always confirmed with a friendly email & received with a friendly note. over & out.


  1. oh- love the screen saver! I have the same computer so maybe if I make it look like yours my whole desk will look a little like your stylish desk too...
    xx jacq

  2. I smiled seeing Michele Maule's 'Please Don't Go' on your desk, that is still in my Etsy favourite items and it still keeps saying "item sold" funnily enough. I remember falling head over heels for that and thinking 'man that is goreous...AND a bargain!' It looks fabulous on your desk - is it always that clean? I bow to you if it is :)

    I like Michele's original 'The Wedding' really lovely, but i think her prices went up!

    Do you know leah giberson? You might like her work. I have bought a few of her prints and they are sensational. She's on etsy; seller name 'leahgiberson'


  3. am loving the screen saver...might just have to be style stalker and get my mitts on it!

  4. WOW - thanks for the tip Captain, I've been wanting that screen saver for ever & loving the Ipod stand - Cheers!

  5. I love that iPhone stand! Isnt' viaalley the best? I've never been able to get the desktop flip clock to work on my mac.... %(


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