Friday, January 22, 2010

everybody needs good neighbours

what a nice surprise.. our neighbour knocked on our door yesterday evening & presented us with their home grown surplus squash & zucchini vegies. what's with the muffins then? well, they also gave us some home made chocolate & squash muffins.. and yes, they're yummy. i know because i've already eaten two today & if the husband doesn't get home soon, there might not be any left. piggy.


  1. great photos captain! and if you must know ... i stole one before i left for work today :)

  2. That is just so lovely! I took a batch of surplus cookies I made next door months ago, and my old neighbour (who since moved! Hope there's no connection...) seemed a bit awkward about it. Here's to friendly neighbours!

  3. here, here, friendly neighbours are great. i'm smitten with the old girl that lives next to me, her name's Gwyneth, but she knows nothing about Goop.



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