Wednesday, January 20, 2010

go vespa

congratulations husband! we've been sharing the car for the past year or so. actually, since i sold my smartie a few years ago & it's starting to wear a little thin. the husband passed his motorbike licence on the weekend, so now he just has to decide on whether to get his shiny new vespa in white or black. choices.


  1. wooo hooo! i made it into a photo on the captain's blog! that's me in the background ... i desperately tried to sneak into the reflection of the imac screen for yesterdays post with no luck ... but today ... I'M IN! :)

  2. hahaha, you make me laugh husband!

  3. hoorah, well done you!

    obey the road rules and always wear a helmet - other wise go forth, have fun and enjoy.

    you two are a riot.


  4. and red isn't a consideration???? really?? then, that pearl colour it must be....surely?! xxx

  5. the husband is a bit paranoid about a vespa looking girly so he only wants to get black or white and keep it simple.. i think if it was up to me, i would be very tempted to get canary yellow or soft blue :)


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