Thursday, January 28, 2010

little piggy

feel like a laff? well then, imagine yourself opposite your friend or lover while you enjoyed an early morning tea or coffee in one of these 'koppen' porcelain cups as first seen on bloesemhere.. right when you looked up to see your trusty companion take a sip you would be greeted with their little piggy face! tell me that wouldn't make you smile :) the only problem is, i can't see an easy way to buy them online. if you love them, i think you need to contact dutch designers freaks united & ask them. actually, if you like these, then i think you'll like the movie penelope. i did.

(image from bloesem)


  1. Very cool - i think i need to get one each for my bosses.

  2. What a great idea, can't believe no-ones thought of this before, genius! Thanks for sharing X


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