Thursday, February 25, 2010

kookaburra laughing

well at least smiling right? how could you walk past this letterbox & not smile? it might be a little rusty & seen better days, but i love it. i pass it on my way to one of the playgrounds around home & it always makes me smile. i think i'd like one just the same at the start of a long driveway on an old apple orchard somewhere in the country. a little ramshackle house with a big ol' fireplace and apple trees that still blossom, even if they don't produce much fruit anymore. the perfect winter weekender. one day. one day.

Friday, February 19, 2010

17 (& a half) month portrait time

our little gracie girl is developing so fast! the wobbly walk has gone, replaced with quick little footsteps that take her anywhere & everywhere.. and apparently no chair in the house is too high or too difficult to climb up in to. i can no longer sit at the computer in front of her, without her sitting up in the chair next to me in a flash, which is very cute, but means everything that was on the desk soon ends up on the floor. in the past month we've gone from having to spoon feed HRH food with only small lumps, to serving up real food that she wants to feed herself, to her now only wanting to eat what we eat. if i have vegemite toast for breakfast, then jam on toast is simply not good enough for HRH. no, if i'm eating vegemite toast for breakfast, then the little one has to eat vegemite toast too & from my plate. so here are the latest portrait pics on the eames rocker. kingsley gave her the sweet little sundress. it's zimmerman darling & how cute is her tiny foot poking out from underneath it? almost 18 months old, i can hardly believe it. oh how her funny little laugh makes my heart smile. happy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

new painting

if you remember, i blogged about how i love the huge old nylex sign here, which then found me checking out artist, sally joubert's website, which i blogged about here. well, the other day, the husband & i went to pick up our new painting. it was fantastic to pick it up from sally's studio in richmond (even if we did wonder if we were wandering into a private detective's den.. but that's another story) & have the chance to meet with & have a good chat with the vivacious sally. check out the view from her light filled studio.. no wonder there have been one or two paintings by sally of that big ol' sign. now we just have to find the perfect place for it at home.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentine's

there have been lots of lovely posts today with images of flowers for valentine's day.. mainly of roses. i don't have any roses in my garden, but i do have lots of gorgeous ginger stalks flowering at the moment. such a nice soft yellow no? anyway, this one is for you happy readers.. thanks for sticking with me & leaving happy comments despite my slack amount of posting. i've been feeling great with this bubba & have been lucky enough not to have any morning sickness again, but i have had waves of full on tiredness. one minute full of energy, next minute bam!

oh baby

oh baby.. my funny little valentine. i thought today would be the perfect day to announce our happy news to everyone.. baby number 2 is on the way! well, not until august, but what better day than valentine's to share our news. i found these baby birth posters by printspace on etsy, which i think are really sweet. i'm planning on ordering one for the new baby once they arrive & also ordering one for mirka. chances are they'll be sharing a room, so i think these will look great framed and up on their wall. love.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


man, it feels busy around here, hence the sporadic bloggin going on. i'm back in the office a couple of days a week, which means early morning starts, bundling the little one off to childcare, dropping the husband off at the train station & a full day at work.. all before the reverse at the end of the day. anyways i've been thinking that i need to find a friendly alarm to wake up to & thanks to this post, i think i've found it.. it's the bird box alarm clock by luckybits. it's a little home to sit your iphone in, with a cut out to see the clock & hear a recording of birds chirping. check out the video. how good will it be to wake up to birdies chirping? real good.

update: it's done. i can just imagine the husband's reaction to this one when it arrives. but, it only cost $19.92 including shipping from the uk. not bad huh? and that's with the aussie dollar being down a bit. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

happy river cafe

we went down to the happy river cafe for breakfast this morning and i have to tell you, it is the best place to go with kids.. we could actually relax & enjoy our coffee, without worrying which chair mirka would try and climb, only to want down again as soon as she got up there. the husband & i have given it a good go, continuing our pre baby, let's-go-out-for-breakfast weekend routine, i mean it used to be so easy when mirka was a baby.. we even took her out to our local cafe the first day after we came home from hospital.. but, not so easy anymore.. the last few times with mirka have been a stretch, so we were very happy at the happy river cafe. mirka played on the lawn amongst the mountain of toys, while we had a civilised breakfast. freedom.

Happy River Cafe (Footscray Community Arts Centre) on Urbanspoon

Thursday, February 4, 2010

out from hiding

blah. it's been a week already since my last post & i just haven't been feeling it, so i've been hiding down the rabbit hole instead. where to start? i think i'll just post some nice photos of water lilies i bought from flowers vasette in fitzroy, who by the way have someone quite funny in their office doing their twitter updates. you can follow them here. anyway, i love me some water lilies & it was fun to use the mirka mora vase for the first time.. and yes that's the husband in the background of one of the photos.. he is always trying to sneak in somehow.

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