Friday, February 19, 2010

17 (& a half) month portrait time

our little gracie girl is developing so fast! the wobbly walk has gone, replaced with quick little footsteps that take her anywhere & everywhere.. and apparently no chair in the house is too high or too difficult to climb up in to. i can no longer sit at the computer in front of her, without her sitting up in the chair next to me in a flash, which is very cute, but means everything that was on the desk soon ends up on the floor. in the past month we've gone from having to spoon feed HRH food with only small lumps, to serving up real food that she wants to feed herself, to her now only wanting to eat what we eat. if i have vegemite toast for breakfast, then jam on toast is simply not good enough for HRH. no, if i'm eating vegemite toast for breakfast, then the little one has to eat vegemite toast too & from my plate. so here are the latest portrait pics on the eames rocker. kingsley gave her the sweet little sundress. it's zimmerman darling & how cute is her tiny foot poking out from underneath it? almost 18 months old, i can hardly believe it. oh how her funny little laugh makes my heart smile. happy.


  1. awww. so cute! I love these! i love the headband and sun dress! SO cute!

  2. gorgeous darling - and that foot, i could eat it. (in the nicest possible way)

    it happens in the speed of light. I still have a picture of my guys at this age and now they're 9 & 12. the 12 yr old is getting a phone to organise school/sport/pick ups etcwith his full time working mum, and i think - man....when did all this happen?!

    they sneak up on you, especially because i'm so ready to make time stand still.

  3. oh so beautiful. how quickly she grew into that little dress. makes my heart smile too xxx

  4. I don't even know her and it makes my heart smile!
    She's so sweet.


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