Wednesday, February 10, 2010


man, it feels busy around here, hence the sporadic bloggin going on. i'm back in the office a couple of days a week, which means early morning starts, bundling the little one off to childcare, dropping the husband off at the train station & a full day at work.. all before the reverse at the end of the day. anyways i've been thinking that i need to find a friendly alarm to wake up to & thanks to this post, i think i've found it.. it's the bird box alarm clock by luckybits. it's a little home to sit your iphone in, with a cut out to see the clock & hear a recording of birds chirping. check out the video. how good will it be to wake up to birdies chirping? real good.

update: it's done. i can just imagine the husband's reaction to this one when it arrives. but, it only cost $19.92 including shipping from the uk. not bad huh? and that's with the aussie dollar being down a bit. 


  1. sheer brilliance! what could be better than waking to a little chirp chirp chirping?!

  2. how cute! I've missed your posting Captain!


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