Saturday, February 6, 2010

happy river cafe

we went down to the happy river cafe for breakfast this morning and i have to tell you, it is the best place to go with kids.. we could actually relax & enjoy our coffee, without worrying which chair mirka would try and climb, only to want down again as soon as she got up there. the husband & i have given it a good go, continuing our pre baby, let's-go-out-for-breakfast weekend routine, i mean it used to be so easy when mirka was a baby.. we even took her out to our local cafe the first day after we came home from hospital.. but, not so easy anymore.. the last few times with mirka have been a stretch, so we were very happy at the happy river cafe. mirka played on the lawn amongst the mountain of toys, while we had a civilised breakfast. freedom.

Happy River Cafe (Footscray Community Arts Centre) on Urbanspoon


  1. i was just here the other day for the Laneway festival. such a beautiful location.

  2. we went this morning! should have chatted, we could have met up : ) it really is the best place ever.

  3. looks like a fantastic place - i'll meet you there one day ;)
    ps as a loyal heide lover you may already have heard about this:
    i would go but we will be out of town at the time. lulu x


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