Thursday, February 25, 2010

kookaburra laughing

well at least smiling right? how could you walk past this letterbox & not smile? it might be a little rusty & seen better days, but i love it. i pass it on my way to one of the playgrounds around home & it always makes me smile. i think i'd like one just the same at the start of a long driveway on an old apple orchard somewhere in the country. a little ramshackle house with a big ol' fireplace and apple trees that still blossom, even if they don't produce much fruit anymore. the perfect winter weekender. one day. one day.


  1. oooh .. i want that too captain ... just lucky we're married hey.

  2. i'd find it hard to resist singing, 'kookaburra sits on the ol gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he....' every time I pass this letterbox!

  3. Hey you just described my dream place too!!!


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