Sunday, February 14, 2010

oh baby

oh baby.. my funny little valentine. i thought today would be the perfect day to announce our happy news to everyone.. baby number 2 is on the way! well, not until august, but what better day than valentine's to share our news. i found these baby birth posters by printspace on etsy, which i think are really sweet. i'm planning on ordering one for the new baby once they arrive & also ordering one for mirka. chances are they'll be sharing a room, so i think these will look great framed and up on their wall. love.


  1. Yay, that is a very happy valentines :)

  2. i'm so excited to be an aunty for the third time!

  3. Congrats Captain! Exciting news! and haha... love husband's comment :)

  4. woo hoo!!! i can't wait to meet them... hurry up august :)
    and happy valentines x

  5. that's wonderful news kk
    xx jacq

  6. great news, captain! congratulations, so happy for you and your lovelies. x

  7. ooooh how exciting. a little winter bambino! congratulations x

  8. Hey Kate,
    Not sure if you remember us bondi lot, we came to your wedding. I love your blog! DB told me about it, I'm studying interior design at the mo, so i'm on here regulary checking out what you've been up to. Anyway Congrats to you both such lovely news, it's a completely different world when number 2 arrives. Anyway I still want to send you something for number one (I know just the thing) I always loved the Marrimeko bib you sent and the singlet I will eventually frame (when i find the time..) It's so lovely to see you both doing so well. If your ever up our way stay in touch. Db now working for Boral, Smorgan way in the past. My email is when you get a chance send me your address so i can post. just saying Hi! hopefully hear from you soon. Nicola

  9. are you open to name suggestions?

    If yes

    Rondo alla turka

  10. Hey Kate, so exciting for you three :-)
    I look forward to our catch up on the weekend!
    You've inspired me with your blog - I would love to do one too.
    Chat soon and hope you feeling ok with bump xx e


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