Thursday, February 4, 2010

out from hiding

blah. it's been a week already since my last post & i just haven't been feeling it, so i've been hiding down the rabbit hole instead. where to start? i think i'll just post some nice photos of water lilies i bought from flowers vasette in fitzroy, who by the way have someone quite funny in their office doing their twitter updates. you can follow them here. anyway, i love me some water lilies & it was fun to use the mirka mora vase for the first time.. and yes that's the husband in the background of one of the photos.. he is always trying to sneak in somehow.


  1. Hey,

    beautiful lillies, i've really gotten into this summer. there is something just generically blah about late Jan early feb i reckon - it's like a hangover going through to the second day. The fun bits are way over, but you still aren't over it yet.

    laughing about husband - hello husband. i have a border collie that does the same thing.

    And big nod of thanks for adding me to your blog roll, very chuffed.


  2. hi j@tdp,
    yes.. sounds like the husband & your border collie both like a lot of attention!


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