Saturday, March 6, 2010


man, it is pouring here. the rainwater tank is overflowing like there is a high pressure hose connected to it. good day for baking methinks & don't i wish i had some of these cookie cutters by beverly hsu to make some awesome helveti-cookies, as first seen on the awesome seesaw blog. you know how i love me some helvetica.


  1. i wonder if you could make ya-ya yo-yo's in helvetica letters? you should give it a whirl

  2. architects+helvetica=love

    my office would go nuts for these biscuits

  3. *WANT* Happy baking. Love baking when it is raining. *s*

  4. I love baking with my different sized star shaped cutters but the architect in me wants these too! we have a new office font called dinot- don't know if it can beat the original... xx jacq


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