Thursday, March 11, 2010

mini ceramic vessels

my favourite is the apple. it would look pretty cute on my desk, no? they're from twine, who have all sorts of treasure. the question is, should i buy one just for myself, or should i buy one for kingsley too, who will be visiting over easter & no doubt might smuggle my new apple home with her if i don't?

update: it's done. now i wait.


  1. yeah, very niiiice. When i read they were by twine, made me think the apple would be a cool spot to store string, and it could pop up out of the lid like a worm. : )

  2. he he yep, you should definitely get one for kingsley too!

    love jules idea

  3. Good lord, that apple is fantastic. Want. Want!

  4. i love jules' idea too ... and you could wrap the little 'worm' around the apple stem to stop it slipping back in.

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