Monday, March 1, 2010

sunday night thrill

so there i was, innocently half watching tv last night when a car ad came on.. causing me to yell out "hey that was the ... house!" "what? are you sure?" asked the husband. afterall, it was only a millisecond scene at the start of the ad. "i'm positive. i know one of my projects when i see it". so, what do you know.. suzuki thinks one of the first modern monster designs i worked on as a graduate architect is good enough to sell their cars. maybe too good methinks.. it could have been a nice alfa parked in the drive, but anyways i got a kick out of it. the clients were such great people.. totally trusting & positive during the whole process and that's the best kind of client.


  1. clients can make 100% difference when they're nice and great to get along with can't they?!

    cool thing to pop up on the screen like that.

  2. kk you're famous! that's great. (a silver smartie would have looked nice...)
    xx jacq


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