Monday, April 5, 2010

easter egg hunt

the husband snuck out early & 'found' the easter eggs & footprints left by the easter bunny in our garden.. mirka took a while to get in to it, but soon loved the easter egg hunt. kingsley is here on holidays from perth and vivi (mum) is here from new orleans. we were having a lovely easter morning, but it soon went down hill in the afternoon when mirka seemed to get tired, sick & cranky out of nowhere. maybe it was the chocolate easter egg she ate?? she's never had more than a lick of chocolate before, but her daddy wanted to get a photo of her with chocolate all over her face, so kept giving her little bits. but don't worry husband, i don't actually think that was it. luckily for us, gracie girl is back to her normal sweet & bossy self this morning & is eating rice bubbles with her aunty kingsley over at the table while i type this. i ordered her little peter cotton tail pants from tutus & muddy shoes and it wasn't long until they were covered in chocolate. messy.


  1. Wow, that is exactly what my parents used to do when i was little (although if my memory serves me, you've executed them a whole lot better!!).

    Thanks for the cool memory trip.

  2. happy easter kk and co!! enjoy the time with your lovely family :) little james too went ferral after the combination of eating and just being surrounded by too much chocolate so mirka was not alone. we also had a fun fun egg hunt and now i'm doing my best to spare james of having to eat anymore where is my cup of tea to wash this chocolate down with....lulu xx


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