Monday, April 19, 2010

grand plans

i took these photos yesterday. the sun was out. i mean it was unseasonably out for this time of year in melbourne. perfect for my friend's wedding that we were off to in the afternoon & perfect for some sunny shots of my new long preggie dresses. i'm so much bigger than i was at the same time while pregnant with mirka, but at least i look pregnant now & not just like a fatty-boom-ba-da. anyways, i had grand plans of taking some shots of my new dresses hanging in the tree, only to have the sun go behind a cloud & the breeze start up. oh well. you still get the idea. i ended up wearing the black & white dress (which reminds me of this one) with my new yellow bangle. the wedding was wonderful.. warm, romantic & creative. gotta love a new dress & having somewhere to wear it.


  1. love that dress, and the yellow bangle would have been fab with it!

  2. and you looked fabulous in it ;) lulu


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