Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a little baby bling

one for a friend & one for me. 

update: a little birdy* told me that this post was too short with no follow up info or links. first up, let me just explain that i thought my posts were becoming a little long & wordy so thought i'd do one that's short & sweet. second, i'd already given my friend her singlet & thrown out the swing tag from mine, so didn't think i had the info to share.. but just for you little birdy, i've sleuthed around online & found the link. the brand is mi mother & child and i bought mine from melaniek in newport while out & about. there.

* read husband. my most loyal, supportive & critical follower. 


  1. ahh ... thats better ... :) little birdy.

  2. The friend loves hers and feels very excited when pottering about!

    Thanks Captain KK:)

  3. A friend of that friend that loves her singlet has seen it on her in person and thinks it looks great.


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