Tuesday, April 6, 2010

make your mark

how great are these measure me growth charts by studio 1am as first seen on seesaw? so simple, modern & graphic, methinks they would look great in any room.. kid's or not. oh how i wish they were available in oz. afterall, there is a limit to what i can ask vivi to haul down to her local post office in the states to send to me & a 2m high stick might be it.


  1. oh my god! this post took me to joyous heights (how wildly brilliant are these growth charts?!) and the depths of despair (what? you can't get them in oz!) in a few short line!

  2. fantastic stuff, love it when there is a less than twee option for kiddo things.


  3. I just saw one that's available here from Small Australian Projects (but a bit pricey!)- not quite as graphic but I like it:
    xx Jacq


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