Thursday, April 29, 2010

signature prints pop-up store

signature prints has opened up a pop up store down at docklands* and just look at all the gorgeous florence broadhurst fabrics used to make everything from doorstops to cushions, aprons, clutch bags, wall art & pendant drums. they also had lush bolts of fabric for those of you with the skills to do something with it. i loved the striking black & white drum shade with the cockatoos & monsteria leaves (bottom left in both top & bottom photos) and was very tempted to get the black & white horses stampede drum (top right in the top photo) for either ours or the guest bedroom. hmm, make that very, very tempted because as i'm writing this, i'm feeling the urge the rush back tomorrow & just get it. anyways, i went there on a directive from the husband to buy something nice for myself for mother's day coming up and mission accomplished. i'll show you what it is tomorrow, when hopefully the sun comes out and i can take some decent photos. intrigue.

*69 merchant street, victoria harbour, docklands. everything discounted until sunday 6pm

update: all your naughty comments encouraging me to go back & get the 'horses stampede' drum were too much for my will power & believe it or not the husband was even on board, but too bad too sad for me because it was sold by the time we went back today (saturday).. the problem is, it's never too bad too sad because once i've decided on something, i normally find a way. let the hunting begin. 


  1. oh YAY! I was out of town when they had the last one in melbourne. thanks for being so on top of it captain!

  2. Buy the drum! But the drum! The DRUM!!

    He he. Great shots - so much swoony goodness.

  3. ooh yeah capt. Loving both the horses stampede & the cockatoo print... get both!

  4. Perfect timing for this post, thank you! Was searching for a perfect mothers day gift and now I know where to go.

  5. oh i love all those prints! yeah! i want all of them!


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