Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sydney long weekend

we're off to sydney for our long weekend. i haven't been to sydney since before mirka was born, but we used to live there & i'm qutie excited.. in a way i feel like i'm going home. there's no city in the world like sydney. sure, melbourne is awesome, but sydney is so damn pretty. i've written myself a big list of places to check out. yes husband, just for window shopping. let me know if there's anywhere you think that's too good to miss out on. the list so far.. shelf life, funkis, miljo, david met nicole, koskela, spence & lyda, top3, chee soon & fitzgerald, gardenlife and oh yeah, catch up with the husband's lovely mum, my bestie in balmain & some more friends in bondi. happy times.


  1. You might like Nordic Fusion - exxy but very pretty. Mao and More ( is good, as is Ruby Star Traders if you can fit them in?

    I'm OUT of Sydney this weekend, but have a wonderful time!

  2. Hey, Looking forward to seeing you all, can't wait to meet little Mirka, Keira will keep her entertained! All of those shops are some of my favourites (LOVE KOSKELA) I also love Doug up on Bourke, Ici et la, Funkis is now Miljo in bondi but around the corner from us so we can go there after breaky although not sure if open on Sunday. Where do you fancy for breaky the Watson's bay tea gardens are good for kids because they can run around in a contained area with toys and there's nice views. See you on sunday. N

  3. You've been awarded!


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