Saturday, May 22, 2010

20 month portrait on the eames rocker

a-ohh.. as mirka would say. this one is just a little late! the photos were taken on time, but ahem, i'm posting them 2 weeks late. so here we are.. it's mirka's 20 month portrait time on the eames rocker.  so what's new? hats! absolutely loves hats. loves putting them on, taking them off & loves telling you whether it's on or off. her saints beanie was her favourite, but lately it's this little pink one. it doesn't seem to matter if the peak is on the side, or if it's down too low at the front to see properly. the important thing is that it's on & that she put it on. our little gracie girl still loves racing to the door when she hears the beep beep from daddy's vespa & loves, loves, role playing with her teddies. she loves to kiss my growing belly & say "bay-bee". the baby gets more kisses than i do. i'm 4th on the list. 1st is daddy (her all time favourite word), 2nd is the baby (my tummy), 3rd is coco her favourite teddy & then there's me. mirka can say "mummy" clear as day, but i'm noticing lately that she actually calls me "mem-me". the other big change is that she is finally. finally. a good little eater.. the change is amazing. after months and months of 1 step forward, 2 steps back with her eating, we can now dish up almost anything for dinner. goodbye to only eating yoghurt and mashed up food. hallelujah.

you can see the older ones here... 


  1. These are my favorite posts! It's almost like I know Mirka! That hat is fantastic! How cute!

  2. Aaaw what a cutie. Was is a Saint beanie as in St Kilda FBC? Ah, a girl after my own heart!

  3. hate to state the obvious, captain, but she really is growing up, isn't she? that whole toddler thing is disappearing fast! gorgeous.

  4. oh she is growing up.. my baby girl!
    her saints beanie is absolutely a st.kilda f.c. beanie. her daddy's mum bought her an outfit before she was born :)

  5. What a beautiful baby girl and a gorgeous blog. I know I've stopped by before (a long time ago) but lovely to reconnect with you. Isn't that Shelley the best?


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