Wednesday, May 19, 2010

cafe cavallero

you know, smith street collingwood is not so scary anymore. it was a different story when we first moved to melbourne eight years ago.. and yes i know that makes me sound pathetic, but that's the truth. sure, we used to visit a couple of cafes, but i'd soon gravitate up to brunswick street in fitzroy where i didn't feel quite so eye balled. we very nearly rented an awesome warehouse style apartment down a little cobble-stoned laneway, but it was a dark, quiet little cobble-stoned laneway & i didn't think i'd be the first to be stabbed down there on a cold winter's night, so st.kilda it was.  anyways... cafe cavallero. very nice. i loves me some simple black & white warmed up with some timber & a pop of yellow. reminds me of cafe sette bello in the city. go. you'll like it too. 

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  1. That lamp shade is heaven to me. *s*

  2. if you were there on a thursday morn, chances are high you'd see me and l'homme there too. we like it alot. be sure to head down the other end at night - gigibaba, boire - it's all happening!!


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