Friday, May 14, 2010

clever creatives

i love ideas like this. well, it's more than idea. it's a big, bold idea that has amazingly, been made a reality. no doubt with a lot of creativity & hard work to actually make it happen, but what an idea. what? the awesome peops behind lost & found have set up a hotel room in the heart of melbourne. not a hotel. better. just one room. full of melbourne made furniture and treasures*, with your own personal concierge. it will only be open for 3 months over winter & only to their loyal subscribers for free. for free! how amazing is that? anyway that's all i really know about it, but you can read more here. i guess there's no guarantee that i'll be given my reservation. who knows how many people have asked for the same weekend as me, but fingers crossed. excited.

*treasures like aesop bathroom goodies, linen & moore bedding, native collection furniture, pierre and charlotte furniture & lamps, shelley panton ceramics, temperature design chair & lamp, third drawer down bedding & goodies, desk by thomas place, throws by waverley woollen mills and gorgeous flowers by florist cecilia fox.


  1. wow! what a fantastic idea. i just made a reservation too captain ...

  2. sounds flipping brilliant (and like a great reason for a trip to melbourne!).

    would love this in perth.

  3. Im coming to melbourne soon and im very excited about it!! xxx


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