Saturday, May 1, 2010

girls in the kitchen

maybe it's the knowledge that our next bambino is a boy, but i find myself making mirka's daily life even more girlie & her near future is looking even more so. when the husband first said to "get something nice for mother's day" in response to my plans to check out the signature prints pop-up store, i didn't really think i'd find something that said mother's day, but looky looky, now the little one & i will have matching aprons & tell me that doesn't say mummy & mirka. perhaps it's a little daggy & bourgeoise darling, to be too matchy matchy, but i love the idea of baking some ya-ya* yo-yos with my own petite ya-ya. i'm not normally much of a red person, but i love the boldness of the florence broadhurst fingers print & liked the orange tinge to the red, so here is a sneak preview to my mother's day present. 

*that's what vivi, kingsley & i call ourselves just because we can. 


  1. awesome find, man i wish i could pop into their pop up store! ((but perhaps its a good thing i can't!))


  2. i didn't end up getting there (the idea of dragging two little men there was more than i could bare) but now i wish i did. great choice of apron i so want one too!!!! lulu x

  3. so sweet! the red would be the only option the original florence broadhurst would have considered wearing. I think aprons are underrated- when I bake I always end up with a band of spray from the mixer across my tummy xx Jacq


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