Sunday, May 23, 2010

junk shop treasure

what is it about little tables & stools that suck me in? we met up with friends at our favourite cafe in yarraville this morning before taking the little one to the park. of course, the way to the park is paved in temptation in the form of a little junk shop. i could just walk on by, but you have to understand that they have all their goodies spilling out on to the footpath, proving hard for almost anyone to resist. i love me a junk shop. i do. most of the time it's just to lurk, see the potential and then sensibly walk away, knowing i have no time to take on any new projects. but not today. today, two little treasures came home with me. a small side table (10 bucks) & little white metal stool (15 bucks). the husband was with me on the table, but not so on the stool. funny thing is, the little stool is my favourite of the two. i've only just noticed that it looks a lot like a champagne top.. maybe that's it. 

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, I also loves me a junk shop. That table is delicious and the stool is just lovely, too!


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