Tuesday, May 4, 2010

kid measurer

my talented friend jacq sent me the link to this. remember this post? well, this is the australian version from small australian projects. at $350 it's something you want to be happy to look at for the long term, but i guess that's the idea. it is beautiful, no? modern, graphic, subtle, crafted & like i said, beautiful.


  1. that's really great, love the design!

    and super sweet hoodie below too xx

  2. What a great idea! Love the stripes. Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving your message, it made my day!!

  3. I feel famous!
    SAP sometimes email about sales, at least for their furniture. they have some good pieces by architects like donovan hill and owen & vokes.
    xx Jacq

  4. You can sign up to receive their emails about special offers, new stuff etc at www.smallaustralianprojects.com.au

  5. we've made our own at chez trbuhovich, i've been meaning to get a shot of it for ages.....must take more photos! x

  6. good on you shelley! i was thinking of grabbing a piece of leftover floorboard from beside the hosue and attempting to do the very same thing - with my own touch of course. i loved loved the concept as soon as you posted the earlier blog on this one kk.
    lulu xx


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