Thursday, May 20, 2010

lucky duckies

a few weeks ago while out & about in fitzroy, we passed the beautiful warehouse where galerie montmartre lives. i slowed down, wondering if shelley would be in & while i was deciding whether or not to take the little one, pram and all, in to see, i heard a big, happy "captain!"..which made me laugh & answered my question all in one. shelley disappeared for a second, saying she had something for me & wasn't i blown away when she presented me with this sweet, sweet, little vintage poster, framed and all! i still can't believe it & it makes me smile when i go into mirka's room. mirka loves it too. when i ask her "where are the ducks?" she giggles and points at them. happy.

update: i forgot to say that mirka's gorgeous singlet with the happy yellow kokeshi doll screenprinted on it is from the talented kingsley. you can get one from her etsy shop, i heart mockingbird, here.


  1. so gorgeous! I'll be in the real montmartre soon so will be looking out for treasures xx Jacq

  2. Gorgeous.

    Damn I miss Melbourne and all it's artiness!

    PS. You could try a banana with honey? That's what I do for sweets when I'm desperate! x

  3. lucky ducky alright! Mirka is too cute. So is the poster.

  4. oh captain! so sweet, how lovely is that little mirka! happy that you like the poster, you have been a supporter of galerie montmartre and i for so long, it's the least i can do.

  5. So cute! What a nice gift! Your little girl is the cutest thing ever! I cant wait to see your little boy!

  6. how cool is that!! gorgeous print, and she clearly loves it.

    i got confused over at shelley's blog first. I recognised Mirka, and had a double take when i realised she was on a different blog than where i'd expect her to be!!

    shelley is such a lovely chick isn't she.



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