Sunday, May 30, 2010

more melbourne creatives

well, i still haven't heard back from the lost & found hotel room about a possible reservation, so i'm thinking i won't be livin' large in their stylish space anytime soon. but, i did receive an email from shelley panton, a local melbourne potter, the one who has her beautiful wares featured in said hotel room. it looks like shelley has a gorgeous shop in middle park, full of her own work & treasures by fellow artisans, which shelley best describes as:

"with a background in food, interiors and events, plus having a passion for art, photography, food, music, fabrics, wood and anything handmade, i have created a space where i can work on my wheel alongside representing a collection of works by other local artisans and craftsmen."

and it seems it's not just the lost & found crew who are fans. circa have used a collection of shelley's pieces to work in with their new menu and recent renovation and heide moma commissioned shelley to produce a collection in tribute to the exhibition 'sunday’s kitchen: food and living at heide'.

on a slightly different note, i think if we were having a little girl, we'd have to call her sunday. there's the connection to heide & then there's the fact that we could call her sunny. most of all, i wish happiness for my kiddyliwinks & if sunny doesn't sound happy, then i don't know what does. right? that said.. what to name our little boy?? i don't know why, but we're finding boys names so much trickier.

p.s. the last image is from the book 'sunday's kitchen: food and living at heide,' by heide curators lesley harding and kendrah morgan.


  1. Sunday is a beautiful name for a girl.

    Boys names are hard, you've really got to take into account the surname as they will have it for life. Here is a funny story for you. Our friends in the UK are expecting a baby soon and if they have a boy the mum wants him to be called Jack, reason being it is a strong English name. Problem is their surname is Russell - Jack Russell.

    Good luck with the baby names :)

  2. I love Sunday... I think Sunday sounds as happy as Sunny does! I found boys names impossible! I loved the name Taj all along and lucky I only have one boy. I am not really helping with the boys names...sorry!

    I love your little adventures in Melbourne.... my dream hometown! enjoy your sunday x

  3. Sunday is a wonderful name: my favourite boys names are owen, Oscar, Dylan, Ziggy, Felix, Pablo, Quinton and Arthur... But my list of girls names is sooooooo much longer! *s*

  4. how about sonny?!! i actually found girl's names difficult. we had one and one only (mischi lulu)....and even then i wasn't quite sure. mind you, we only had the boys names that we went with and no more either. naming children isn't exactly a forte of our's. if we were to have another boy i'd be completely stumped.

  5. I've driven past this shop a few times and never had the time to stop. It looks incredibly beautiful...might just have to make the time, I guess!

    ps: i love, love, love the name sunny. how could she not be sunny with a name like sunny?!

  6. Coming to visit soon and i cant wait! xxx


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