Monday, May 10, 2010

my here little ol' blog

ahh.. so many ideas to blog about. my list of (not so secret) ideas to post about is ridiculously long & now that i'm back in the office 3 days a week without my precious, child free wednesday, to get non-architect, non-mummy, general life stuff done, i'm finding it even trickier to produce the goods on my here little ol' blog. before i know it, i've done another mama post & as much as i love to share my little muppet's adventures with you all, i feel like the design posts are too few & far between.

anyways, if i can pull it together in the near future, there's an awesome melbourne design hotel room opening up over winter to tell you about.. yes, a hotel room, not a whole hotel, full of awesome melbourne design.. furniture, linen, treasure etc with it's own concierge to make the most of your melbourne experience. there are some beautiful knitted string lamps that remind me of these, one of my first posts over a year ago. a funny site just for quirky thankyou notes & a beautiful, unexpected surprise gift. all to come. preview.

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  1. work/mothering/design blogging is a killer combo.

    i still smile when i see that michelle maule painting. that was when i knew you were reeeaallly my kind of chick, cos that excact piece had been on my etsy faves for months and months. i'd go and look at it regularly and think, 'no, no more impulse etsy'. such a small blogging world!! jx


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