Thursday, May 27, 2010

saying thank you

so you may or may not remember that i mentioned a little while ago how i wanted to share a website i came across full of quirky thank you notes. well, i had it sitting open for ages & then the lovely checks & spots bet me to it. you can see her favourites here. so anyway, i wasn't going to bother, but then i read the latest & couldn't help myself. clever & quirky, it made me laugh out loud, except that to make it true for me, i'd have to swap the words "turntables/ speakers/ vinyl records" with "yummy homewares/ lighting / furniture, (most often, bloody expensive designer furniture.. i'm saving up for 6 of these babies for our dining table & yes it may take me years & no i won't compromise with any replicas. the only question will be whether i get the plastic herman miller ones through living edge in melbourne or order the fibreglass modernica ones down from spence & lyda in sydney). 

while i'm on the thank you train, i thought i'd add the link to the fun connect-the-dots card that i saw on black eiffel, which you can buy on etsy here. how great would it be to send this off to a friend, knowing they won't be able to help themselves and connect the dots?


  1. i love the 'ewok village' line ... that made me laugh out loud too. Except for me it was the castle of greyskull and it was in my brother's room.


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