Friday, May 21, 2010

a shop called milton

a shop called milton. we went along to the opening last night & here are my photos. it's owned by amy wright & jess cameron-wootten. we had a chat to amy, who told us that jess & her decided on the name after brainstorming on a park bench. they wanted a name they could build a personality around & milton, jess' grandfather's name, seemed the perfect choice. don't you just love a story like that. it would seem that jess & amy are quite the creative duo. he is an amazing shoe maker (is that the right term?) & amy is quite the talented artist. i was going to type textile designer, but i think her creativity extends beyond that. amy hand draws all of her own images that she uses to screenprint, but i also think i spotted a stunning mixed media work (2nd photo) on display that was done by amy's hand. i love how it is framed too, with the work floating in the frame, rather than pinned down under a border. i think that kind of framing makes you appreciate that it's an original & on a beautiful piece of paper. anyways, i'm quite tempted to go back and pick myself up a mini-cushion & a couple of grey & white pillowcases (right half of photo 4). you can check out the blog here & the online store here. fun.


  1. spotto - funny that i walked past this very same store today and gave a double take thinking how interesting it looked - alas 2 little boys tired and sick of shopping did not allow me to enter in peace - next time.



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