Wednesday, May 26, 2010

simple clever

i've only recently added handmade charlotte to my blog reader list and more & more i find myself saying  "ooo, i like that." silently that is people. you know, to myself. i don't actually say it out loud. i'm not crazy (mostly). anyways, here are two pieces of furniture i saw on handmade charlotte that i think are both beautifully simple & really clever. the first is called a grand chair..

"For grandparents and grandchildren to rock together, designed by jelte van geest. Lift the child’s seat, turn it 180 degrees, and they can sit facing one another."

the second is called the little bird swing, designed by architect Christopher Campbell, which can also be used as a toddler rocking chair when it's sitting on the floor.


  1. I love that swing. I wish we had someone in the family to make one, it's such a simple and beautiful design.

  2. that is so cool that rocker. thanks for the link, its a new blog to me. going to check it out x

  3. i like that swing too! the room its in is nice too. i do like a bit of timber panelling.


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