Tuesday, June 29, 2010

birthday inspiration

mi amiga, the talented kingsley, is having a birthday soon, so i've been on the lookout for something special. i've got something in mind & i'll share that once the birthday girl knows about it, but i thought i'd share some etsy birthday gift inspiration. first up, (top left), kingsley loves anything to do with happy animal creatures & i know she would lurve this t-shirt by boygirlparty. the hello necklace by joanna rutter just screams kingsley, as do the little apple studs.. and the sweet modern thankyou card i just liked. well, i do loves me some grey, white & soft blue, but it's really because taking the time to find the perfect gift is like saying "thankyou for being an awesome person who is important to me." yes? yes.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

love & peace

my good bloggy friend, the beautiful shelley from femme de montmartre has shared some horrible news on her blog & it's really thrown me. shelley is keeping everyone updated as best she can & i just wanted to say what an amazing woman i think she is. always so, so positive & full of love for everyone & everything. so, after seeing these gorgeous prints on seesaw, i thought these images would be perfect to send out lots of positive energy. they're from field trip on etsy & they're lovely. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

toasty treasure

well, if etsy doesn't get any better than timber toast, (on the left), then how good is this toast shaped cutting board from the curiosity shoppe? the husband saw me looking at the chopping board online (the one on the right) & said something rude, but i'm not sure if i can resist hitting "add to cart". i mean it's only 14 bucks & while they don't ship internationally, what vivi doesn't know is in the mail to me, via her in new orleans, won't hurt her! oh that's right, vivi reads this. 

sweet dreams

ahh the road. always good for an oasis of calm modern neutrals when i find myself out & about, trapped in a hideously noisy shopping centre.. it's always a nice escape to walk in to a country road shop & peruse their homewares. anyways i was out wandering, a little lost & before i knew it i had bought a lovely new pair of pillowcases. soft grey & white. simple, with a little detail. on sale too. you like? i like.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

yes i'm the captain

at least that's what i like to think, so i went ahead and had my bath robe embroidered with captn kk in "gawd awful cursive script" as the husband described the font. strictly speaking, i'm a simple typewriter style font or helvetica kind of girl & would never, ever, normally choose such a curly font. but, it is a bath robe & i thought if i'm gonna do it, i might as well do it.. and i love it. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

21 months.

21. here we are again. it's mirka's monthly portrait time on the eames rocker. so what's new? well, i  experienced her first big, big, tantrum on the weekend. it was time to leave the park & let's just say that that wasn't to gracie girl's pleasing. i was on my own and man, oh man, was it embarrassing. so embarrassing. defeating. exhausting. i had secret, shameful thoughts about not wanting to be a mummy anymore & if only i had somewhere to run away to, trust me, i would have. alright, so that aside, she is still my little papoose & such a cutie. i'm even getting more hugs & kisses these days.. maybe almost as many as her daddy gets and that's something. they have their own language those two. the latest is that they watch the muppet movie together & mirka absolutely loves it. laughs.

Friday, June 11, 2010

birthday treats

so after our fancy pants birthday breakfast, i went off to a preggie massage while the husband stayed home with the little one asleep. gawd i love a massage. i haven't had one since mother's day last year & after yesterday i've decided there's nothing to it.. i'm just going to take myself off for one every second week, for the rest of this pregnancy. to top off a perfect day, the husband gave me my birthday present when i got home over a cup of tea, some garden picked flowers & some tasty, tasty, portuguese tarts. but look closely because the cup of tea is my present.. well the striking black & white marimekko mug is. i love it so.. i think i've already had at least 20 cups* out of it since yesterday. note the ever patient husband in the background of the bottom right photo.. waiting, waiting, waiting to enjoy the little tarts while i take my photos. you're a good man husband, even if i know you were secretly thinking i was mad at the time.

*de-caf for baby boy, which surprisingly, is ok.. even for a serious tea drinker like me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's my birthday. smile.

i've had a la-la-la-lovely day. i'll keep this short, so we can start watching a movie before it gets too late, but i'll post some more happiness tomorrow. the husband took our little family out for a fancy pants breakfast at circa in st.kilda. i had the berry pancakes & they were good. real good. i was lucky to remember to take a couple of photos before i had completely devoured them.

i picked up my birthday present from vivi last week, but i waited til this morning to open it & i love it! vivi snapped it up at the recent exhibition at lamington drive.. i love that they describe themselves as "a gallery made out of cardboard for nice people" & on the invoice typed up in bold letters, read; "on this day, one vivi smith* has made the world a better place by purchasing art and is therefore totally awesome".. anyway, back to me.. my new little piece of joy is called 'apple'. it's a black & white gocco print with colourful dot paper collage & it's by wonderful local artist beci orpin. want some links? beci has a blog & you can take a peek inside beci's awesome home here, from lucy's visit earlier this year on the design files. ok. that's enough from me for tonight. over & out.

*not her real surname

p.s. the little squiggle artwork in the background is my birthday card from my sweet petite.

Circa, the Prince on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

chasing shadows

i was on my way home the other day when i saw this gorgeous tree, stripped of most it's leaves, in front of this old north facing wall, casting the strongest shadow it could on a wintery day. pattern & shadow.

Monday, June 7, 2010

pallet spotting

i spotted this stack of pallets at the queen vic markets on my way back from the doughnut van & thought it was worthy of a quick snap. it's not a great photo i know, but what can i say.. i had a hot bag of doughnuts to juggle. i'm a sucker for just how good a pile of pallets often look. it seems all it takes to catch my eye is a little repetition.. and a bit of sunshine doesn't hurt either. anyways, it reminded me of a table i spotted at the prahran markets the other week & thought you might like it too. simple.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

the american doughnut van

the american doughnut van and all it's yummy goodness, is my kind of local attraction. if you ask me where you should visit when you're next in melbourne, it's more than likely i'll send you down to the queen vic markets to find the american doughnut van. it's got everything going for it.. i mean, how awesome is the van? then there's the half a dozen people, crazy busy, making the doughnuts from scratch in front of you, a 50 person line up that tells you you're in the right place & at 6 doughies for $5, the price is right, as kingsley would say. i think the number plate says it all. gem.

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