Tuesday, June 15, 2010

21 months.

21. here we are again. it's mirka's monthly portrait time on the eames rocker. so what's new? well, i  experienced her first big, big, tantrum on the weekend. it was time to leave the park & let's just say that that wasn't to gracie girl's pleasing. i was on my own and man, oh man, was it embarrassing. so embarrassing. defeating. exhausting. i had secret, shameful thoughts about not wanting to be a mummy anymore & if only i had somewhere to run away to, trust me, i would have. alright, so that aside, she is still my little papoose & such a cutie. i'm even getting more hugs & kisses these days.. maybe almost as many as her daddy gets and that's something. they have their own language those two. the latest is that they watch the muppet movie together & mirka absolutely loves it. laughs.


  1. Oh Im sure every mom has those moments.. she always looks SO cute! What a stylin' little girl!

  2. What a cutie pie!

    I'm not a mum but I had a moment like that recently when I was looking after one of my nieces (she is 26 months). She decided she wanted toast (for the third time that day, mind you) whilst I was trying to give her fruit. I wouldn't give in and she wouldn't give in. It was a screaming match: "toast, toast, TOASTTTTT!!" that went on for ten minutes. We eventually ate the fruit.

  3. you are telling stories - i don't believe that beautiful little mirka is capable of such behaviour!!! hee hee hee
    james has only had a few, but memorable public meltdowns - one ended with me pushing the empty pram full of xmas shopping with one hand, him kicking and screaming over my shoulder through a myer store to the car park!!! it would have been quite spectacular to those who witnessed the sight! exhausting and draining YES but embarrassed NO - every mother watching is simply thinking - phew im glad it is not my child THIS TIME....
    lulu xx

  4. Oh my. Could she possibly be any more cuter?!?!

    I keep having these little thoughts that Rosie will be such a good girl and not have tantrums. But I know that is completely not true. I have no idea how I will cope with them. I guess everyone goes through them, right?

  5. Such a little cutie pants! For now, I guess. I was a big thrower of tanties as a kid - I can only imagine I'm really in for it when I have babies!

  6. Stunningly cute that one. Good luck with those tantrums! Eep! *s*

  7. Soooooo gorgeous!!!!
    tam x


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