Sunday, June 6, 2010

the american doughnut van

the american doughnut van and all it's yummy goodness, is my kind of local attraction. if you ask me where you should visit when you're next in melbourne, it's more than likely i'll send you down to the queen vic markets to find the american doughnut van. it's got everything going for it.. i mean, how awesome is the van? then there's the half a dozen people, crazy busy, making the doughnuts from scratch in front of you, a 50 person line up that tells you you're in the right place & at 6 doughies for $5, the price is right, as kingsley would say. i think the number plate says it all. gem.


  1. OMG I LOVE THIS VAN. When I visit Melbourne, I do indeed get a batch of these babies. I love how its so fresh :O

  2. I have visited this very van, once ordering the 6 for 5 eating them all before moo got back and i'd have to share ha.

  3. ha ha! i like your style mili :)


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