Friday, June 11, 2010

birthday treats

so after our fancy pants birthday breakfast, i went off to a preggie massage while the husband stayed home with the little one asleep. gawd i love a massage. i haven't had one since mother's day last year & after yesterday i've decided there's nothing to it.. i'm just going to take myself off for one every second week, for the rest of this pregnancy. to top off a perfect day, the husband gave me my birthday present when i got home over a cup of tea, some garden picked flowers & some tasty, tasty, portuguese tarts. but look closely because the cup of tea is my present.. well the striking black & white marimekko mug is. i love it so.. i think i've already had at least 20 cups* out of it since yesterday. note the ever patient husband in the background of the bottom right photo.. waiting, waiting, waiting to enjoy the little tarts while i take my photos. you're a good man husband, even if i know you were secretly thinking i was mad at the time.

*de-caf for baby boy, which surprisingly, is ok.. even for a serious tea drinker like me.


  1. that image is priceless.... I can hear his tummy grumbling. Love your cup!

  2. hap-hap-happy birthday! sounds like you had the perfect day....

  3. cool scores, love that mug design. and magnolias and portuguese tarts aren't anything to sneeze at either!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a lovely day. Hope to see you soon and compare bellies!

  5. Happy birthday, Captain! What a very cute husband - the Pal does a similar "I love you, but you're crazy" pose. Bless him. xx


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