Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's my birthday. smile.

i've had a la-la-la-lovely day. i'll keep this short, so we can start watching a movie before it gets too late, but i'll post some more happiness tomorrow. the husband took our little family out for a fancy pants breakfast at circa in st.kilda. i had the berry pancakes & they were good. real good. i was lucky to remember to take a couple of photos before i had completely devoured them.

i picked up my birthday present from vivi last week, but i waited til this morning to open it & i love it! vivi snapped it up at the recent exhibition at lamington drive.. i love that they describe themselves as "a gallery made out of cardboard for nice people" & on the invoice typed up in bold letters, read; "on this day, one vivi smith* has made the world a better place by purchasing art and is therefore totally awesome".. anyway, back to me.. my new little piece of joy is called 'apple'. it's a black & white gocco print with colourful dot paper collage & it's by wonderful local artist beci orpin. want some links? beci has a blog & you can take a peek inside beci's awesome home here, from lucy's visit earlier this year on the design files. ok. that's enough from me for tonight. over & out.

*not her real surname

p.s. the little squiggle artwork in the background is my birthday card from my sweet petite.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Love your new birthday present.

  2. Happy Birthday! What a lucky lady – Circa AND a Beci Orpin print. Lucky you! I love Beci's work – she's super nice too! (Although I've only emailed her but she's super nice on email!)

    I love seeing bits of Melbourne on your blog. xx

  3. Happy birthday! Sounds like your having fun!

  4. sounds like a sensational day - hippy birdday for yesterday!

    bonus round points for being a gemini - heaps of my family and friends are gem's, and mine is next week.

    and vivi smith sounds like a dead set legend!

  5. oh! yay!! happy bday, sweet captain!
    you are indeed a girl after my own heart....fancy schmanz breakfast and artwork as a gift...but i think you already knew that.

    wishing you a wonderful birthday year. x

  6. oh what a yummy birthday... hope it's a great year!

  7. happy birthday lovely! I love beci orphin....what a fabulous pressie xx


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