Sunday, June 27, 2010

love & peace

my good bloggy friend, the beautiful shelley from femme de montmartre has shared some horrible news on her blog & it's really thrown me. shelley is keeping everyone updated as best she can & i just wanted to say what an amazing woman i think she is. always so, so positive & full of love for everyone & everything. so, after seeing these gorgeous prints on seesaw, i thought these images would be perfect to send out lots of positive energy. they're from field trip on etsy & they're lovely. 


  1. me too captain, been on my mind a lot this weekend.

    hope things are turning better.

  2. beautifully written kk. i claim only to be a customer of theirs (ands thanks to you a reader of her lovely blog) but have been touched by their trauma. i am impressed by the human spirit which comes out in strength to support those in need - and in this case reflects the positivity that shelley cleary shares with those who come into her life. keep up the support xx lulu

  3. darling captain, thank you. this is so beautiful. (and you know that i love the seesaw blog; these prints are gorgeous too, btw. this has been such an awful time, it is a whole new journey our little family is embarking on but with beautiful people all around us, we will get through it. i just know it. xxx
    ps. the above comments have absolutely touched my heart - thanks jules and lulu (which happens to be one of my very favourite names!)

  4. shelley - am sending good thoughts your way!!

    kk thanks for featuring my posters - cool to see them offered up in encouragement :)


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