Monday, July 26, 2010

happy planes

after checking out design made trade last week, kingsley & i found ourselves walking along gertrude & brunswick streets & checking out the local shops. before we knew it, we were out the  front of meet me at mikes, deciding whether or not it was weird for us to go in, when we'd just come from hearing pip chat about blogging at the breakfast. nah.. let's just go in, we decided. i bought a sweet little top for baby boy & look how clever their version of a "would you like a bag?" is..  folded newspaper, twine & a sweet vintage illustration stapled to the front. crafty.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

zig-zag love

i've been wanting to get some cards printed up with my blog info on it for ages & i've finally done it. i ordered these from sweetbeaker on etsy, after i fell in love with the grey zig-zag design. some call it chevron. i call it zig-zag. either way, i love. love. my new cards. now i just need a reason to use them.  anyone?

Monday, July 19, 2010

design made trade wrap up

ok. so the grumpy pants are off & it's time to finish my favourites from design made trade. just quickly you know. i mentioned that i loved the bright stools from darcy clarke in my previous dmt post.. they are made from recyclable coloured plastic, based on one of his beautiful, real timber stools (top right). i also loved the prints, both fabric & wallpaper, from cloth. i absolutely love the 'looking for water' & 'spotcheck' pattern & am very tempted to order some samples & see if the colourways work in my place. so last but not least, the friendliest award goes to the talented dani m, who noticed both kingsley & i wearing her earrings & stopped to have a good old chat to us. dani was wearing one of her designs (same as the necklace above) & while i'm not normally a gold girl, it looked awesome on. i liked. i liked a lot. the matt & the shiny finishes work beautifully together. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

250 - gumball gold

i guess for the big time daily bloggers, the 250th post may not be a big deal, but for this here little ol' blog, it's taken more than a year to get here. so what to share for the big event? well, i ask you.. what can you get for 20 cents these days? not much my friend. but save up your 20 cent pieces & there's pure gold waiting for you. i knew when i spotted the gumball machine outside my local dvd store & it was only 20 cents (20 cents!) that i would be hitting it & hitting it hard. i knew it was going to be a 2 person job & the husband would just laugh at me if i asked him, so i waited my time until kingsley was in town. so this afternoon, i stood at the top & fed in my jar of twenties, while kingsley crouched at the bottom & collected the gumball gold. what treasure!

Friday, July 16, 2010

design made trade - bloggers breakfast

i went off to the bloggers breakfast with kingsley yesterday, which was hosted at design made trade as part of the state of design festival . the lovely lucy from the design files & crafty pip from meet me at mikes had a quick chat about bloggin while we all sipped our hot tea or coffee in our complimentary byo reusable coffee cups. i agree with tess, in that while blogs can connect people from anywhere in the world, it was awesome to catch up with local melbourne bloggers in real life.. that old over-rated thing! so, after the chat, we took ourselves off to check out the rest of the exhibition. there were lots of great products to check out, my favourites being the amazing restored mid century furniture given a new lease on life by retro modern & the colourful stools by darcy clarke. but, overall, it was a little weird that i didn't feel very comfortable taking photos because apparently the exhibitors weren't supposed to let us. i'm not sure what the point of inviting local bloggers was if the organisers didn't want us to take photos & blog about it?? on top of that i am disappointed with my photos. the light was just no good. but you know, i should say that the exhibitors really were super friendly & had lots of gorgeous wares to display, so i might take my grumpy pants off & do another post tonight or tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

smiling planet plates

are these not the sweetest plates ever? i found these via a lovely & new-to-me blog called smallest things. they are by smiling planet & i'm in love with the top one. all i'm sayin' is that vivi's suitcase is gonna be chock full of treasure when she visits from the u.s. in a couple of months. can't be that hard to fit  in a couple of plates next to the toast cutting board.. right? 

Monday, July 12, 2010

porcelain rain drop

woah.. that was fast, even for me. the latest post from kitty genius popped up in my reader, my eye zoomed in on the light blue rain drop & before i knew it, i had signed off out of my paypal account. deal done. more treasure on it's way. now husband, serioiusly, it's ok. it was only 10 bucks and think how much you loved hanging the porcelain mirka star on the christmas tree last year. i'm planning on adding a little white ribbon to this baby & it will become part of my treasured christmas ornament collection.. one or two special ones each year. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

22 months

here we are again. it's monthly portrait time on the eames rocker. 22 months.. only 2 more months until she's 2 & i really won't be able to call her my baby girl any more. this portrait business is total madness. getting mirka to sit in the rocker without her singing "see-saw" & rocking it so hard back & forth, that it literally moves across the room, is impossible. funny, but impossible.. and that's without her deciding to climb in and out of it a hundred times, or deciding that it was time to take her shoes off. so these are the best of the bunch, but at least they tell the story i guess. ok. so, what's new? our little gracie girl is still obsessed with hats, but not as much as the muppets.. she asks for elmo at least 50 times a day & to her, with the exception of grover or miss piggy, they are all called elmo. every time kermit is on the screen in the muppet movie, she cries out "elmo", which we always reply "kermit" & she chooses to ignore. i think we'll have to get her a little trampoline soon too because she loves jumping around on the sofa and flinging her legs out from under her so that she bounces on her bum & giggles. my sweet petite. my little papoose. cheeky.  

update: the lovely anna from one of my favourite blogs, rummey bears, has got herself a new rocker & is planning on starting a monthly portrait series of her own. i just love the peace sign her little one is flashing us. peace baby bear!

Friday, July 9, 2010

happy birthday kingsley!

happy birthday kingsley! hope you have an awesome day.. this is your present from me.. i know you'll love it. it's called girl from takadanobaba & it's by melbourne artist madeleine stamer, who also has a blog here. dreamy.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

children's garden

mirka absolutely loved running around & exploring the children's garden at the royal botanical gardens on sunday. yes, that's my little scragamuffin running around with her clothes all askew, but she's sporting quite the stylish little knitted beanie no? i bought it from the yarraville markets, on every first weekend of each month. new.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

fucking brilliant

oo-ahh.. naughty title, but inspired by my 2nd favourite quote (the pink one) from the awesome collection put together by yellowtrace. you can see the original post here. my favourite is the one in the top left.. i think that pretty much sums up my blog for me.. captain kk: i like nice things & people who make me happy. think i'll have to add that one to my profile. anyway, if looking at some quirky motivational posters doesn't do it for you & all else fails, you can always "keep calm & call batman"(my 3rd favourite).

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